Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Geeking Out Just A Little Bit

1. There's a new header.

1a. I just got Photoshop on my computer.

But obviously I'm not briliant at using it. I'm not totally completely happy with it, but I am slightly in love.

2. There's a new thingy in the sidebar.

2a. See 1a.

I wish I could put all the other things on my sidebar into their own little boxes, but uh, I have no idea how to do that. Anyone? Bueller?

3. I handed in my Invisible Flinders website last week.

3a. I just now figured out how to use the Print Screen button.

But I don't have my final copy saved at home so this is still a draft. Also, it's not actually on the server yet I don't think, but I'll give you the link when it is so you can see all the others. Marcus did one one on the bath tub which was pretty great.

4. I got 22/25 on a History test.

So I'm not quite as mad at her for suggesting that I put an apostrophe in the wrong place. Although she runs over time every single week. She's got some PR work to do I think.

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