Friday, September 28, 2007


Drumroll please... And the winner is - San Francisco!

That is awesome news. I was afraid it was going to be in Boston (due to all the comments in favour). Oops, that sounds bad. What I mean is, I've already been to Boston. And for them to hold it in one of the very few cities I've already been to would have been just rude. So yay! Somewhere new!

I don't know if I like this Tour idea. That means all the cool people who live on the East Coast won't be coming to drink learn stuff with me in San Francisco. Hey! Cool people! Come to San Francisco! I'll buy you a drink!

The sum total of what I know about San Francisco:

1. I always have to think about how I should spell it when I type.

2. The Golden Gate Bridge is there. What is the Golden Gate Bridge? I have no idea. It may be a bridge but Picadilly Circus is not a circus while the White Cliffs of Dover actually are white so really, it could be anything.

3. Charmed was set in San Francisco.

4. It's on the West Coast. (Wikipedia informs me it's it California. That means we can go to Disneyland! Disneyworld? And surf with the Beach Boys!)

5. There's a song about it. Da da da dah, da San Francisco. Yeah that's all I know.

6. UC has a campus there. I know because I was thinking about studying there. But not really. Because...

7. There's lots of hills. And we already have us lots of those here thank you very much.

Who is coming with me to BlogHer08, and what else can you tell me about San Francisco?

Oops, I can't believe I forgot this: I've heard it's very foggy there.


  1. Apparently every bloke that lives there is gay. According to the steroptypes those who write and produce American tv shows and movies would have us believe. Which are really the only learning tools those of us outside the US of A have to learn about American social culture.

  2. There is something in the air, or possibly the water or water bsed products that makes people forgetful.
    And there is a large shed, marked lost and found, that contains hundreds/thousands/lots of human hearts.
    "I left my heart, in San Francisco"
    etc etc.

  3. the golden gate bridge is, indeed, a bridge.
    but, did you know that the london bridge is now in arizona? where there almost isn't even any water?
    i know.
    anyway, yes, san fransisco.
    home of haight ashbury, where the hippie free-love-and-peace-and acid thing of the 60's began...where a lot of gay people found acceptance before the rest of the country started to play nice...but which is certainly not composed all (or even mostly) of gay people.
    and, yes!
    in california.
    but it's in northern california, while los angeles and disneyland are in southern california, and california is a very long state.
    so, most people wouldn't consider them 2 stops in the same vacation.

    but, seeing as how you're coming all that way...i'm assuming you'll want to be here for more than 2 days.

    so, here's the good news.
    one of my best friends lives in anaheim (where disneyland is) and my cousin lives in LA. also, she writes the dialogue for rugrats and other kid shows, and has been known to get me into filmings of television shows.

    this will take a lot of planning, but i'll make a week out of it if you will.
    we can do the blogher thing, then maybe rent a car and drive down the coast and spend a few days in so-cal...and we'll only have to pay for a hotel when we're in san fran! it will be awesome.

    (i will have my friend /a with me the whole time. i hope that's ok)

  4. Thanks guys.

    Carla: makes you worried that Home and Away and Neighbours are the tools everyone else has to learn about us, doesn't it.

    V2: Yes absolutely. That was exactly what I was singing!

    Tiff: Yes I'm thinking more than two days, maybe as much as two weeks. That plan sounds like the best one ever in the whole world. And of course, invite all the cool people you want. I will buy them all a drink (but not a Strongbow cos that's just gross).

    So incredibly excited now.

  5. Ooh! And we need to go on those trolley car thingies!

  6. Anonymous11:48 am

    I'm planning to go! I know nothing of San Francisco though, I've never been further west than New Orleans.

  7. Anonymous2:50 am

    hehehehehe.... welcome to my home....

    Ok, the trollies? cable cars. take the powell street one because it cuts across town down to peir 39 and fisherman's warf, where the golden gate bridge it. it's actually orange but when the sun sets and hits it, well it's glowing gold. next, go to china town. cheap suvioner crap and really bright and colorful. check out the marina and the palace of fine arts (remember that video of seal's from the 90s? or am I too old? that was the palace of fine arts) the exploatrioam is a cool hands on museaum for ALL ages. union square (near the cable car on powell street) is really beatiufl in the summer, streetfairs are going on sometimes

    if you like jazz, check out the historic fillmore area. haight ashbury, hippie world and central of the 60s, alcatraz in the middle of the bay, angel island the west coast elllis iland is great for a hike. hmmm. .. coit tower, transamerica buidling, embaracdaro, ferry building, mission district, castro (yes, that is the "gay area" but really fun), oh I could go on and on.....

    my town!!! my town!!!! I love it!!

    oh... and songs: SF open your golden gate, if you're going to SF be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, I left my heart in SF, we built this city on rock and roll, SF nights, and more!


    The Birds, The game, so I married an axe murderer, zodiac, etc

    tv shows?
    charmed, Suddenly susan and most recently, journyman (new this fall)

    and yes, it's foggy where I live but usually ok down town.

    my town!!!!!

  8. Anonymous2:52 am

    oh yeah, one other movie.... recent documentry... the bridge. it's about the suicidal people jumping off the GGB

    and go to golden gate park! it's the central park of SF!!!


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