Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's not a holiday, it's a 'non-teaching study period'

Do you think a lecturer would accept an essay that reads more like a blog post than a formal-essay-style type piece of writing?

What if it had referenced page numbers? Maybe even references to other sources?

What if the alleged author of this hypothetical piece could provide evidence of a blog written in the same lazy-arse style to prove it wasn't some random lazy-arse essay writing, but a well-practiced form of lazy-arse writing? (The lecturer may then appreciate the lack of rhetorical questions in the essay.)

Do you think lecturers can tell the difference between 1000 words (word limit) and 1500 words (the rambling blog essay. Blessay?)?


  1. If you only give sound rationale to why you doing it and can justify it, I think you can get away with anything in uni-world :)

  2. You spelt "arse" correctly!!! I'm so proud!

    Um. That is all I picked up off the post. Something about holidays?


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