Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BlogHer Does Adelaide (and a really tangential tanget about pink and silver sequins)

As BlogHer stirred up a whole heap of enthusiasm all over the internet regarding blogging meet-ups, I am now a member of the Adelaide Weblogger Meetup Group.

There are currently 9 members, including Jen/Jaycee (the only one of them that I currently read) so go check her out. There is a get-together planned for November (considerately after all my assignments are due). I'm sure there are more Adelaide bloggy people than that, so if you read this, you should totally come! (I promise not to call you bloggy to your face.) If you happen to live elsewhere, like Darwin or Michigan or the DC Area, but will be in Adelaide in November, you definitely have to come with.

Is this a good idea? I mean, I live in this city now. I talk about Flinders and the Hall a lot. Do I want to make me and the Ranch the same (real) person? (Hint: Not rhetorical questions.)

On a similar note, I was messing with the applications on Facebook, and there's one that shows a clip of your blog, and links to it obviously. Most of my Facebook friends are from the Hall. But how do I know if they're reading it and so I should shut up talking about them? I think it would take too much effort to care, really. Is this bad?

On another similar note (but not really, this time), you know how when you're at camp and Walmart is the coolest, and you have no shame in calling out "MARCO!" "POLO!" or "PEANUT BUTTER!" "JELLY!" or "BUDDY!"? Or like that time when we were on our way home from French Woods, or Iroquois Springs maybe, and we just wanted to run into Walmart for some M&Ms or something. But there were huge-ass lines everywhere as this was apparantly the night that all of the teeny tiny town decided to do their shopping. So I (with my foreigner accent) got picked to ask the nice Orthodox Jewish couple in front of us if we could maybe cut in front of them pretty please, cos I'm not from around here, MATE. CRIKEY. (They let us and we made it back before curfew with about .278503 seconds to spare.)


Living in the Hall is kind of like that. Especially during O-Week what with Scav Hunt, but also when we're shopping for things for other themed events, at which time we tend to see Marion as our own personal playground. Today we were at it again with the "Marco!" "Polo!" which is just common sense really. You don't really want to lose people in Marion.

THE POINT WAS... I bought an awesome pink cowboy hat with silver sequins and a silver tiara on the front. And I wore it all around Marion.


PS Thank you for the suggestions about the photos. If you're reading this and you haven't helped me out, go do that. Please.


  1. I'm starting to get excited about the blogger meetup. Don't worry, I have the same sorts of issues with making Semantically Driven and me the same thing as I somewhat hide who I really am, although I'm slowly creeping out of the blogging closet.

    So, if I see a girl at Marion wearing that cowboy hat you described, then I'm so totally going to know it's you.

  2. Maybe I can wear it to the meet-up!


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