Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'll Be There For You...

Shelle and I are taking Jollan to the airport tomorrow morning. Like, early. As in, before the sun. (Who knew such a time even existed?)

Anyway, we were talking about this at dinner tonight, and this new guy who was sitting next to us overheard and said, Wow, you guys are really good friends.

Which is true.

On Saturday night, as I said, Tiff's dickhead boyfriend broke up with her. She was a little drunk, and I was a little birthday-crazy, but I looked after her and the others looked after both of us.

The same thing happened on our awesome girls night at Shags. We just had a really good group out, and we all made sure each other was ok and got home and drank water and got into bed.

Unfortunately, sometimes when we go out, some people are left out of our circle. They have their own friends, and we can't look after everybody, but it makes me a bit sad. I feel bad leaving people when they're (in my opinion) too drunk, but the reality is, they don't care what happens to me or my group, as long as they get drunk / pick up.

We're just lucky that we have a group we can count on.

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