Friday, August 17, 2007


When I got to uni (after riding the Scarlet Lady - this may or not be important later) there was something wrong with my phone. It was still on, cos the screen would light up, but it wouldn't show anything on the screen except white light.

I managed to set my alarm from memory so I got up the next morning but it was still stuffed. I also got a message that, hi, I couldn't read because my phone was stuffed.

The next morning when I woke up, my phone seemed fine. Until I shut it and everything on the little screen is upsidedown and back to front. Bizarre, no?


I turned my computer on to check my bloglines write my history analysis and NOTHING. The little light went on where the ON button is but the screen was blank. Blank black.

Dude I lost it just a little bit. Not only do I have an essay due (that's been done for weeks) but I have two more to complete (and that's just for this week coming) but uh...blogs to read!

I yanked out the battery cord and let it run down to nothing so it would turn itself off. I glared, turned it on again, and ...

So I'm thinking the universe was just messing with my mind. Cheers for that. Really.

UPDATE: SERIOUSLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME UNIVERSE? One of the ratings on one of the previews at one of the movies we saw tonight* was UPSIDE-DOWN AND BACK TO FRONT. Dude.

*I am not now nor will I ever admit that we maybe snuck in to see the second movie. Knocked Up is funny though.

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  1. well my pen exploded in the pocket with my phone in it, it now has a pen mark which could be pretty kool if it was intentional


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