Friday, August 03, 2007

Freedom of Post

Sorry about that. I am in a shitty mood for no reason and that last post came out less encouraging and more bitter ordering than I intended.

My birthday is my favourite day ever. I always get super-excited about it. It's funny; no-one else knows or cares but for that one day, I know that I am a princess, the most important person in the whole world. Plus in Darwin I get a public holiday long weekend AND Jeans for Genes Day on/around my birthday. Just for me! How awesome is that?!

This year I had some plans, vague enough, but due to a couple of things, mostly other birthdays being around the same time, they're not happening. Also some slight insecurity that the fact that it's my birthday could induce a decent amount of people to go out when we just had a pub night, boat races, and a week of O2week events. So I'm kinda bummed out, for basically no reason, and there's nothing people can do (although hugs and high fives to those people who messaged me at midnght to make sure I was ok) because it's all in my head really.

The point is ... that I don't have to have a point, because sometimes you don't get drunken pics, you get me being all girly and hormonal.

So I'm sorry. Write what you wanna write, post what you wanna post (but please to god don't use words like wanna). Because I will too, and we all will just have to deal.


  1. carlabalala10:24 pm

    EM! I wish I could be there, for your birthday, if I had the slightest chance I would be there in an instant. Hope you have a great birthday nonetheless, I'll be thinking of you all day.
    Miss ya heaps!

  2. In 10 minutes it'll be your birthday.

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    etc, etc, (off key as you would expect).

    Have a great day. Wish I was there.

    PS - there's a relevant post on zithers.

  3. Happy birthday,
    Oh by the way we say callie(kallie?) the other day and she says hi

  4. carlabalala11:34 am

    Happy happy birthday
    May all our dreams come true
    We wish it was our birthday
    So we could party too!!!



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