Sunday, August 05, 2007

This is where the words live

So right now I should be writing an essay. According to my schedule, I have a critical analysis to finish by tonight.

I'm on a study break.

It was my birthday yesterday!

First there was Quiz Night on Thursday night. The power went out for much of the night which added a nice community/school camp feel to the festivities. Unfortunately we didn't come first, second, or last, but I did get Gary to give me, Rikki, and Petey birthday shout-outs, and I scored a bottle of Hard Man Ale. The label reads as follows:

Hard Man Ale
Boys Day 2006
It May Or May Not Kill You.

We weren't drinking but we managed to eat a shitload of junkfood which had much the same effect alcohol would have.

And then it was midnight and MY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday we went to lunch at the casino with Grandma and Aunty Lyn. The apple crumble there is worth its weight in ... apple crumble I guess. Very yummy. Then the girls were introduced to the wonders of gambling, but in the spirit of a cautionary tale I blew twenty bucks on the money wheel thing in about 45 seconds.

Then we went to Ikea because Jollan is Swedish. Also because the rest of us had never been, and because Shelle and I had inherited so many clothes from Bea and Eri that we have nowhere to store them besides my floor or under her bed. I bought a lamp, which means I have to tidy my desk, and some storage box things, which means I get my floor back!

We (which means me, Jollan, Shelle, and Bristol. The four of us. No-one else) went shopping for supplies then headed back to the Hall to start on dinner - lasagne followed by triple choc brownies. Which meant we took over two whole kitchens but hey, we provided music!

And finally (looong day) we headed off to Glenelg spelt backwards. I got an awesome shout-out from the band at the Jetty Bar, and got wished Happy Birthday by a random chick every time we saw each other. Tiff's EXboyfriend is a dick, but all the girls in the bathroom (whether we knew them or not) were able to provide hugs and makeup and advice for Tiff and name-calling for the ex. We finished up begging the guitar man for Wonderwall repeatedly, eating the best chips in the world on the metal squiggly thing, and taking awesome pictures of me (thanks Jollan!).

I would like to wish everyone in the world a Happy Birthday. I hope you feel like a princess.


  1. Sounds like an OK sort of birthday. All those complaints and grumbles a few days ago - totally unjustified!

    Good to have friends, hey?

  2. how did you know my exboyfriend is a dick?

  3. how did you get to the Jetty Bar on Saturday? and WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY HI???

    haha guess exes are dicks everywhere.

  4. No, actaully I'm not feeling like a princess... that would probably be bad for my health. A prince perhaps but definatly not a princess!


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