Saturday, July 07, 2007

Things I haven't posted about because...I haven't got around to it yet?

Hi! I'm still alive! It's all good!

Have been meaning to post for aboooout three weeks but, obviously, haven't.

Things I was going to post about:

1. Something about that afternoon at Glenelg which was sunny and kinda NOT-freezing-cold-for-a-change where we had us some crazy silly fun.

2. That day in the mall with Eri, and the little girl who took a photo for us because I keep forgetting that random parents don't know me like my work parents do, and more silly fun at Toys R Us (but WHY IN THE HELL WEREN'T THE GREAT GLASS ELEVATORS WORKING?).

3. That evening at that chocolate place, where I learned all about chocolate and had chocolate soup and the second hot chocolate I've ever had in my entire life.

4. That night at the Fad Bar, where I busted a couple of caps in the wall, learned Swedish (you can see the sum total of my mad Swedish skillz right there on my palm), and had to have other people keep dressing me, after which we all ended up in a huddle at the bus-stop (guess who got to be in the middle because she was the only one to not wear a jacket? In my defence, I thought we'd be DANCING) singing Wonderwall.

5. That night at the airport, where the Crazy continued. Also where Eri made me cry (figuratively) and Eri actually did cry (in joy that I was actually leaving?).

if I lay here / if I just lay here / would you lie with me / and just forget the world?

6 and 7. And oh yeah, the Road Trip, which I think I'll save for another post, and what I've been up to since I got home, which...ditto (stay tuned: rooster decapitation stories to come).

Gotta go and watch Heroes now (ok, yeah, that's the extent of the excitement so far, got a problem with that? and PS there's a new poll - go click things), which DVD Guy sent me, along with a letter beginning To my dearest Missy which .... WHAT THE HELL??? This is not a complicated relationship we have going. Pay attention now: you burn me dvds, I chat with you at uni. Freak me out? No. Send dvds? Hell yes.

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