Sunday, July 15, 2007


Being without internet for the next week (unless I steal some from the uni up here, where my username still works cos I kinda just didn't show up one semester) I feel like I should go and do some awesome post, which will be worth a whole week of ordinary posts, but I've got nothing.

Work is fine, once all the drama died down.

The weather is gorgeous. Fine and 30 degrees every single day, and pretty much confirming that I'm insane to live anywhere else.

I've caught up with most of the important people (hi Carla!) in town.

I've bought one movie ticket (Ocean's 13, meh), one smoothie and one fried ice-cream at Mindal Beach Markets, and two cocktails (a Mudslide and a mango daquiri, if that's important). I didn't buy lunch at Hog's Breath, beacause Carla is a bitchy control freak who is also awesome. Oh and I bought blank dvds which said awesome friend is going to burn stuff onto for me. (How much was that not a proper sentance?) So the saving money so I can pay off my huge credit card bill thing is going pretty well.

I've arranged my timetable for this semester and it's pretty awesome. My classes will be:
Writing and Designing for Web*
Crime Fiction and Film
Themes in Australian Social History
Colonies, Empire and Revolution (which is about America. I thought I should mention it as you really can't tell anything from the title)
*I'm planning for this to be the awesomest class ever and I really hope I'm not disappointed.
Even though I'm overloading again so I can graduate at the end of the year (this year, even) I have ZERO clashes. Other things I have (or not):
NO nine am classes
ONE ten o'clock, ONE eleven o'clock, ONE twelve o'clock, and ONE three o'clock start
(you may notice that this means I also have...)
ONE Friday completely off every single week.

I have some results back. I apparently decided to get one of every possible grade.
P - Publishing and Editing (what do I want to work in again? oh yeah, publishing and editing)
C - Museums
D - Adaptations (Thanks Awesome Lisa the Tutor, I owe you a big big drink)
I'm hoping (ha) that this means I got
HD - History
but since I already got a prelimary summary for that class that looked a lot like a C, I'm not holding my breath.

Right well turns out I did have a bit to say (I didn't say it was going to be interesting did I). I have to go home and watch Gilmore Girls now, or maybe Heroes. Keep clicking on the ScrapBlog, if you wouldn't mind; I would love a holiday.

See you when I get back to uni and my internet!

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  1. Dude how's darwin going? you said work had drama...what cant say drama and not elaborate. Rachel never emails so you gotta give me something!!!!!!!!!
    It doesn't even have to be juicy..just something..who ate what for lunch..ANYTHING!!!!!


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