Sunday, July 22, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Hall

I'm back. It's cold.

Also: I read Harry Potter. And I moved my room around. I'm sure you can guess which order those events happened in.

Actually first, there was a fire alarm, just as Tait and I shut the back gate. And no, the two events were not related. Apparently, it was the fourth in three days. (The one at four that afternoon was the fifth.) So that was exciting.

Then I decided that it was too cold to ride to Marion for my book, but I stole borrowed Rashelle's car keys, and kidnapped Bristol (new girl, no idea how you spell it; it's quite possible she thinks I'm completely insane), and off we drove to Marion. We got there by about 8:00 which was about 30mins later than I'd planned, but considering my plane was late and there was a fire alarm, that wasn't too bad.

Of course there was a huge line, but a nice girl from Boost Juice conned us out of ten bucks in exchange for some smoothies so we were happy for a while. Until we realised that icy drinks in winter were maybe not such a great idea. Eventually the line moved, people counted down, and everyone started to get their books.

One mentally imbalanced person read the last page and started SCREAMING. And screaming. We could hear her screaming all the way to the escalators where I'm assuming someone pushed her and she was knocked unconsious which stopped the noise. Luckily for her, she didn't read it outloud as some idiot did when another Hallie was in the line.

We got home by 9:30am and I read and read and read until 3:18pm when I finished and decided that I didn't have to kill JKR after all.

Then I moved my room around, which was a bit difficult as I can't see my floor. (And yes, that's still present tense. I kinda started to do some more today but then Rikki called and we watched Now and Then in the common room, and then I came on here, and .... yeah. No floor.)

My desk is still pretty much in the same spot, about a foot to the right. On it's left is my new tv and on it's right is my bookshelf. On the other side of the room as you can see is my Home Wall, my bed, and my pinboard. Not pictured is my reward chart and accompanying stickers which will force me to do things like run and drop and give it twenty.

And that was my weekend thus far. Tonight is the Crankin Kids Party which the first event of O2Week (and don't even get me started on the ridiculousness of having a nineties themed week when hello I was in high school when the nineties were happening which yes high school pictures are hella embarrassing but no they're not far enough away for us to be able to recognise 90s fashion when we see it compared to 00s fashion and also they had no huge theme running through it despite what you may say about grunge/short tops and too-high jeans). So. Party, yay, nineties theme, bite me.

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  1. vsquared47@hotmail.com9:53 pm

    back at the Ranch - sounds good.

    But poor Scarlet Lady - left in the car park just because it's a bit cool.

    Deadwood has been found - in Arizona territory I think.



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