Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sorry, I can't, I'm busy tonight...

That is all the days from Monday 23/7/07 (the start of Week One) to Saturday 24/11/07 (the last day of Exam Week Two - the day I can reclaim my life). All those word thingies next to the dates are assignments that I have to finish by those dates, and next to them, dates that the assignments have to be handed in by.

It all looks very organised but it doesn't diguise the fact that I have 19 assessment items to do in a thirteen-week semester.

See you in November!


  1. vsquared11:40 pm

    OK, I promise I won't disturb you: I'll let you get on with and phone you on the 25 Nov. OK?

    Good to see you're so organised.

    You'll do it - and you'll find time for a few nights on the town as well!

  2. carlabalala5:26 pm

    I on the other hand, can't promise I won't send you hate texts until you jump online and talk to me. But I promise the texts will be nicer.

    You go Em! You'll kick those deadline's arses! Just keep remnding yourself - the light is visible at the end of the tunnell!!!


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