Sunday, June 10, 2007

Singing, Shags, Sleepover, Shh!

The last event of the semester was held on Friday: Hall Idol.

We hadn't planned to, but Eri and I sang Time of Your Life. (Even though obviously I have no business singing in public, ever, and Eri didn't know the words!) And then we cried. Which was very embarrassing.

And then we decided to go to Shags, even though it was a Friday. When we got there it was dead, of course, and the music was shit, but we (ok, I) decided to get a round of cowboys there before heading to New Yorks.

We were about to head off, when some guy called out to Rashelle. He was in the band about to come on and if we stayed, we'd get a bottle of champagne.

We ended up with free champagne for the entire night plus free Hungry Jacks from the bouncer on our way out.

The only catch was that we had to sneak in quietly when we got back: Swotvac has officially started. Y'all need to shush. This is when the all the bossy rules of the Hall really get to me. That and the freaky-ass silence.

Despite that, we had sleepover/girls night in the Basement last night. We watched Bring It On and ate lots of junk food and played Truth or Dare (cos apparently we are 13 years old). Most of all, we forgot that we had essays/pracs/exams looming which was absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. (Turns out blogging works much the same way.) It will be very very sad soon cos half the girls there are leaving which totally sucks. They suck. I hate you all!

Um, anyway, point was: Hall Idol - fun. Girls night out - awesome. Girls night in - like, so much fun!

The end.

Oh ok, fine.

Essay update: one more down, one to go. Happy?

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