Monday, June 04, 2007

FOAD Finally

I have composed this post in my head many many times and yet all this time I've refrained from actually posting it. It's always stated that I'm not the type of person to offer up FOADs and then I don't end up posting it, probably because, well, I'm not the type of person to offer up FOADs. It seems a bit excessive.*

The time has come, however.

Much like the internet RANDOMLY NOT WORKING IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF UNI COULD YOU PICK A WORSE TIME OH MY LORD there is a time and a place when things could be overlooked and a time and a place when they just can't.

If I could hear anyone else's conversation/music/radio ads word-for-word while in my own room, and not be able to hear my own music (at a considerately low volume) then they sure as hell would have recieved a noise complaint long before I even yelled at them to FO(BPDD).


It's ok for certain (cleaning type) people to blast their music so loud the (really really) thin walls are shaking.

*It may also be that this time I was studying for my history test (but let's not go there) and the other hundred or so times I was being WOKEN! at the crack of oh, let's say, 11:30, 12ish.

Dude get an ipod like everyone else.


  1. fuck off and die

  2. vsquared11:01 pm

    I'm glad I didn't know a FOAD was.

  3. oh good one....see by not being at uni i miss all this valuable information


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