Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wizards On A Plane

Apparently, there is some big cosmic connection between me, aeroplanes, and Harry Potter books.

When the last one was released (the last one that was released, not the Last One), I was at summer camp in New York. For some reason it was too far from civilisation for me to get a copy. Actually, the nearest Walmart was like ten minutes down the road, so it can't have been that. I think I wanted it to be all summer-campish, not all scholasticalish.

And then I went to England and bought it from some English shop. A real Harry Potter book from England! And then I read it twenty-six million times between Heathrow and Sydney (including way too many times in my long long stay at JFK).

And now, it turns out, I'll be reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Plane Flight or whatever it's called, on a plane. Spooky hey. We're going to be on a tight schedule - the book will be released at midnight, so we'll have to get there heaps earlier so I don't have to line up, buy it, go home and get my suitcase (or maybe it'll come with me to buy the book) then make it to the airport by 3am, which, incidentally, is a heinous time for a flight. (It'll be fine as long as I'm not half asleep when reading it so I read the same paragraph ten times, then realise when I get here I have no idea what happened in the first five hundred pages, but I will remember some crucial plot point that ruins the rest of it for me when I do go back and read it.)

That last part came out sounding a bit negative, but really, I am very excited about this. I think I am creating a grand Harry Potter-plane tradition for myself here, plus it's the last book EVER (at least it better be) so everything will be explained and tidied up (right JKR???), PLUS it will be hilarious to see how many other people have their reading lights on for the whole flight as well.

Ok, ignore all of that. I realised that the release time is not midnight, or even 12:01, cos we're not in England (unfortunately. how cool would that be). It's 8:31am which means I will arrive here at 6:30, have plenty of time for a shower and change, then a quick ride down to Marion to line up for HP7. This also means I HAVE NOTHING TO READ ON THE PLANE.

Thanks, JKR. Well-planned. NOT.

I've now added a Polls section to the sidebar. The first one is about HP7. You can click on things! It's all very exciting. Go now!

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