Sunday, June 17, 2007

Road Trip!

We're off on our Great Ocean Road/Melbourne road trip tomorrow morning.

The car is booked and we just have to pick it up in the morning. Jollan is going to drive me there to get it cos I'm letting her have the Scarlet Lady while I'm away (in Melbourne and when I go back home).

Because yes, I am going back home. Winter is cold, as it turns out, and the money does not magically appear on my credit card. (Which makes you wonder I'm going to Melbourne. But anyhow.)

We've booked accomodation along the way, and in Melbourne, and we've bought supplies for the trip: nutella, kool fruits, tuna. All the essentials.

We spent heaps of time with Ryan today who knows the area really well. He was awesome and helped us out so much. We no longer have a vague idea of kinda heading east. He's Bee's neighbour but I haven't talked to him much but he put so much effort in I was really amazed. There are some very decent people in the world.

And it was so exciting. It actually got real once we started talking and planning and buying and packing. Right now I'm typing this while my Road Trip CDs are burning... I have no idea if a Swedish and a Japanese girl will at all understand or like these songs, but I added some ABBA for Bee, and some of the pub songs they hear every time we go to Shags or the Tav, so I think we'll be ok.

The last CD is still burning so what would you like to talk about?

Ooh, I finished my essays. Did you know that? Well, I did. And I got my history one back with all my participation, oral, and essay marks as well, so I know that I passed that subject. One down, three still to find out.

What else can we talk about?

Everyone's leaving me. Eri and Bee and Anais and Renate and Twiggy and I'm forgetting someone, but they're all leaving me. Well actually, I'm leaving them which is kind of awesome. And then no-one will be here when I get back. Which won't be so awesome. Especially since we just had gotten this nice little group going with me and Eri and Bee and Anais. Luckily it was also Jollan and Rashelle so I may still have one or two friends left.

Still burning!

How was your day? Do anything exciting? What do you have planned for this week?

No seriously, cos I'm going to be away from my computer til Friday and I'm going to be hella busy between then and Saturday night when I leave so I could conceivably not write anything again til, like, Sunday. More than a week away.

So go ahead. You have to post for me. Any topic you like.

And I'm heading off to bed now (then Melbourne. Then Darwin). So have a good week. Tell me all about it.

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  1. Hey there told mum you'll be using teh car when your up there so just get in touch with her when you need it.


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