Saturday, June 02, 2007

Formal Dinner 2: Good vs Evil St Marks Edition

On Thursday at tea, there were letters from the Helen (dean?) on the tables in the Dining Hall. One side was to Uni Hall, one side was to St Marks. (Obviously, both colleges got both letters.)

On the night of the "boys basketball finals" (also the night of the girls finals, but no-one cares about that), our boys lost up at main campus after being ahead with just a few minutes to go, then Flinders and Marks supporters trooped down to Sturt campus to watch the girls game, which we also lost. Stupid Marks.

Anyway, when they went to drive off, they had a bit of trouble, as someone had mysteriously let down two of their tyres. Which doesn't seem so bad but apparently a valve got broken or whatever, causing trillions of dollars of damage, which Uni Hall will be paying for.

Being an honourary member of House Committee yesterday, we had a long and oh-so-serious discussion of this over lunch. HC are all depressed, as they think that we think they're failing. Whatever!

Basically, I think it was stupid of Helen to write the letter.

She apparently didn't consult HC on this, and if she'd read their minutes, would have known they had discussed this and were planning to do ... something. Talk about it at length would be my guess.

They haven't determined who did it, even though there's a list of obvious suspects that any Hallie could give you. Without proof or a confession though, I'm not sure why we're admitting anything to Marks.

The letter to Marks also said something about retaliation, in the form of 'please don't, we can dish it out and now we're terrified you might attempt something back.'

And most of all, it seems a huuge percentage of Hallies had no idea this had even happened. I'm not sure it would have been the same at Marks, but that doesn't really matter. The point is, this has got everyone all stirred up about it, not least of all Marks, who had it pointed out to them that that we'd got them twice and they'd done jack-all, and all Hallies, not just ones who would have done something like this before we confessed without proof and handed over our money without proof and begged not to be attacked like little babies.

Anyway, how stupid are they, trying to drive on two flat tyres?

Oh, and then Bec and Helen go and dress up in Marks colours for Good vs EVIL. Way to dispell the situation there guys.

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