Friday, June 22, 2007

Here and There

Hey everyone! I'm back!

The trip was really cold and really fun. Photos and details will come. Probably. When I get around to it.

Things to do Friday and Saturday:
- early breakfast (done. and eri, the original early riser, slept in).
- lunch with DVD Guy (done. and he didn't bring me dvds. what's the go. seriously).
- stop saying seriously (not done. obviously).
- call work to make sure they have a job for me on Monday (done: "oh monday, yes we may need you... oh yes I'm sure we can um yes that will be fine." jeez).
- maybe the beach (it's sunny today. yay!) or maybe marion or maybe a movie.
- early tea.
- bus to the city.
- Pancake House for dessert.
- party at the Fad Bar wherever the hell that is, then kicking on in the city
- home and sleeeeep. and say goodbye to Bea, who I won't see again, and Shelle, who I will.
- pack.
- city for lunch and some awesome chocolate cafe thing and shopping (not that any of us have any money left or space in our suitcases).
- airport with Gma and ALyn, and Eri and Anais.
- cry.
- go.
- be hot.

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