Saturday, January 05, 2008

Icy Cold

I admit, I was not in favour. But then I realised I'm not the boss of the world (I know, it was a shock to me too) and everyone should be able to have fun, even if that consists of laying flat on your back on the ice.

'Fun' actually turned out to be ice-skating, and not the falling down kind either.

Fun, right?

Not pictured: me, skating backwards, holding hands with vsquared.

Also not pictured: my arms, caning, twelve hours later.


  1. Hey MissE,
    My thighs and caniing not my arms.
    (Also not pictured is SW Falling on his butt

  2. carlabalala11:09 pm

    Er, why is vsquared not rugged up in the sub-zero temperatures that is an ice skating rink?

    I want to go ice skating again!

  3. It's like ice skating cold in my house. And then I go outside and it feels down right toasty warm in my house. The last time I went ice skating I had to hold the wall and wiggle my feet forward inch by inch
    not so good at the ice skating thing!

  4. SW: Then why were you complaining about your knee? Drama queen.

    Carla: Ice-skating is hard work! No need for warm clothes.

    Aimee: Yes, yes, keep bragging about this winter thing you have going over there. You should try skating with one of those chair things to hold to. Then you can wiggle forward away from the wall.


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