Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Am You Are

Being from Darwin, I am used to crocodiles in the swimming pool, box jellyfish in my fish-n-chips, and riding kangaroos to school.*

I am not, however, used to seeing a real live Koala Lou in my backyard.

If you look closely, you can observe three things:

1. That is indeed a koala.

2. My camera phone takes pretty awesome pictures.

3. I am standing extremely close to that tree, just so you guys can get a good look a real live koala, and I hope you appreciate that fact. The whole time I was expecting it to go all drop bear on my arse.

*Only one of these is untrue. You can decide which one.


  1. i just wrote you a REALLY long comment, and then your comment box made it disapparate.
    i am now on strike.

  2. kangaroos, fake, right?

  3. carlabalala7:17 pm

    Awesome. My God I love this country.

    Wait - wtf was Caramello Koala (mmmm) doing up a tree at Flinders?!

  4. Thanks for sharing pictures of the cute animals that you find outside. The only animals I ever get around my house are racoons and skunks and there's no way I'm getting near enough to take a picture.

  5. My guess is:
    It is not really a koala, it is Alexander Downer in his winter jammies.

  6. Sarcastica3:02 am

    Awh, he's so cute!

  7. I really, really hope you never found box jellyfish in your fishnchips.

  8. Well i have managed to hook a couple of crocs up to a chariot and thats how I get to school..... BUt people seem to want to shoot my perfectly innocent drivers.....


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