Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How Did This Happen?

So I decided to do this little trip around the world.

At first, I referred to it as happening 'in the middle of next year.'

Then it was 'in the middle of this year.'

Then it was 'in a few months.'

Then 'a few' became 'a couple.'

Then somehow I was going away 'next month.'

At midnight last night (actually, it was while I waited for my clock to tick over to 12:01 so I could see what the next month's picture was on my calendar. No I couldn't do it any earlier) I realised that all of these references to my upcoming trip no longer applied.

It is July. I am going to San Francisco this month. And it's a Tuesday, which means in exactly two weeks I will be heading off around the world, armed merely with 250 business cards and an internet full of blog posts. It suddenly seems like this might actually be about to happen.

Two weeks to San Francisco, BlogHer, and hopefully the USA trip of a lifetime.


  1. Anonymous6:21 pm

    You really need to start thinking/planning about Blogher or else it's just going to sneak up on you and you won't be ready.

    The Golden Gate Bridge isn't gold - it's red. Just wanted to prepare you for the disappointment.

  2. Ha ha--what msshad said! So funny!

  3. oh, shit.

    p.s. are you really going to make me eat vegemite?

  4. granted i'm just hopping a quick plane ride, i can't believe how soon blogher is either, it's crazy!

  5. I'm going too. And terrified. Of course, my flight is a bit shorter.

  6. Why am I so nervous about the plane ride? The security thing and having to change planes thing is creating serious knots in my stomach. This is why I like road trips. ;)
    (Can't wait to meet you!)

  7. Missy, I can't wait to meet you. I won't know a soul there, only their "personas" online. But so what? We are all going to have a blast!


  8. I'm jealous and excited for you!

  9. Anonymous2:12 pm

    we are going to have fun. trust me. despite the fog.

  10. I wish I were going and I don't even have to travel around the world to get there!

    You have a great time in SF! Should you decide to traipse over to Colorado, let me know!

  11. Have fun in San Francisco--it's a fantastic city!

  12. San Francisco is really a great city, as everyone else has said. Have a great time. Have you started packing? I'm a total pack-ahead person... I even make LISTS.

  13. see you at blogher, I'll be there too

  14. I'm getting jealous now, I wish I had a blog and was going to blogher! Make sure you take heaps of photos of the not-so-Golden Gate Bridge! And the fog! And the hilly windy roads! And make sure you take that vegemite with you, American's love that stuff! *snigger*


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