Sunday, July 06, 2008

That's all very well, BUT...

My boss: We're cutting shifts across the board. But! Everyone will be getting extra shifts during stocktake.

I won't be here for stocktake, as you well know. Plus, I'm going on this little trip, you may have heard about it. Kinda need the money.

The mobile tech guy: I'm just going to put you on hold. I'm not transferring you, I'm just going to put you on hold.

But you're still putting me on hold. Again. Like I just was, for twenty freaking minutes.

The flights chick: We'll send you your e-ticket when it's ready. It's fine to get it even the day before the flight.

I appreciate it's fine for you, but maybe you could think about my state of mind if I have to wait until THE DAY BEFORE to recieve a plane ticket for a trip I've been planning and thinking and obsessing over for months.


  1. Ugh, I'm having the same problem with my job. Why they are cutting hours in the middle of summer when we are crazy busy is beyond my reasoning.

  2. I finally found two cute, cheap dresses in West Texas at blogher when I was visiting my family 9 hours away. I left both of them at their house. Ah, the Blogher last minute nightmares...

  3. Rrrrr, I feel your frustration!!!!

  4. Is the awesome mobile on the fritz? Damn!
    And damn the bosses who think it's okay to cut back shifts! But perhaps thank your lucky stars you aren't working for Myer, apparently they've cut back so many staff, there was one teenager working ONE FLOOR during sales. Poor kid.

  5. oh man that is frustrating. i will grr for you. grrrrrrr. :)

  6. bri: seriously. don't they know we need blogher money?

    jenny: ouch I would be feeling your pain, except I haven't even got as far as shopping yet. everyone can join me in SF for some REALLY last minute shopping.

    aimee & katelin: thanks guys. you're very growly today.

    carla: no, the mobile is fine, it's just getting ready to go overseas.

  7. Well They havn't sent me MY tickets either....

    Admittedly I havn't requested/bought any....


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