Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My First Brush With Fame Award: Bossy

On Thursday night, we went from the Newbie Party (just what it sounds like) to the People's Party (also just what it sounds like).

At the People's Party, I spent a lot of time going "Oh my god, I think that's [awesome blogger]!!!"

The very first one I could not leave without seeing was Bossy. She freaking hugged SuperTiff, and there was no way I was leaving without an intro and maybe fainting at her feet or something.

I did get the intro, and had a short chat (it was very loud in there - you drunk bitches need to learn to keep it down when Bossy and I are having a moment) and I got the impression she got the impression I was batshit insane. Whatever. I can live with that. I met Bossy!

Friday night at Ruby Skye, Tiff was all, "There's Bossy!" And I was all, "Whatever, dude, that was soooo Thursday." Not that I didn't still love Bossy, but everyone has a very short attention span at BlogHer. You have to - there's a thousand people to squeal at or demand hugs from or leave with the impression of total insanity.

Saturday night, however, I managed to spare a few more seconds to swoon in the presence of Bossy. We were walking in opposite directions and she said 'hey' TO ME (actually, now that I am thinking about it, maybe it wasn't even to me, oops) (also, despite our goal to say hi to everybody in the world, Tiff and I had already had time with Bossy, and I didn't expect any more. So don't be all, 'why didn't you say hi to her?' at me, because I already did) and so we had another very short chat where she was totally nice and awesome to me, so apparently I didn't scare her too badly before.

And I got a photo.

Bossy's Excellent Road Trip The Second: Must Include Australia.


  1. it was so fun seeing so many 'famous' bloggers, haha.

    ps. did you see there's a picture of you on the bloggess? at least i think it's you :)

  2. Bossy is so awesome, I just love her, every time I saw her, she hugged me, she's the sweetest. blogger. ever. I am so bummed that we didn't run into each other, but after the chaos of that whole weekend, I'm not surprised. I was so overwhelmed! I hope you go to the next one, and if you do, I will make a point of running into you, even if inappropriate stalking is involved. ;)

  3. Bossy loves you right back.


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