Monday, July 28, 2008

What Happens In Vegas ...

... may well stay in Vegas, or at least not end up here, given the number of things I forgot to write about in yesterday's post.

Like, did I mention I am in Vegas now?

Also not mentioned:

~ Dear MM: I'm moving in with Holly. Hope that's cool. Love, Missy.

I feel very ripped off that we got less than a day together. That was just mean. Like, 'see how awesome Holly is and how much fun you could have? Well you can't, sucks to be you, ha ha on you both.' I just feel like there were so many questions we could have asked and so many stories we didn't tell. NEXT YEAR.

~ Holly was awesome about helping me find and get to a rental car. Thanks, babe.

Why did I need a rental car? Oh, because I drove to Vegas. By myself. In a car that had the steering wheel on the wrong side, on roads where I had to drive on the wrong side.

I did not crash into anyone, not even in mega traffic on the Strip. And I even parked, right next to another car. It was excellent to be able to follow Holly around for a bit, like car-driving training wheels. After that I was fine. Mostly.

I repeatedly tried to rest my right arm on the door, and I could not find the stupid button to open the petrol tank. Turns out there is no little button, you can just open the little door. Stupid car.

And I did I mention I did all this AFTER MY GPS STOPPED WORKING? Luckily, it's fairly hard to miss the big huge signs that say "LAS VEGAS IS OVER HERE, SUCKAS! COME AND SPEND YOUR MONEY!" so I was fine.

~ I am by myself again.

Unfortunately, Jennster and I managed to not meet up, because I am lazy. An American from the Hall is going to be here tomorrow, so we may get a drink. But basically, I'm on my own.

This may seem sucky, to be in Vegas by yourself, but I don't think so. For one, I am not being all anti-social and psychotic like I was in The Fucking OC. Last night I wandered around my hotel, had dinner, and yelled at you all for posting so much when I was so tired. This morning I returned my rental car (more driving! by myself! in America!) which I was kind of sad to do. The whole road-trip thing is very fun and all empowering and shit, y'know? Then I got a cab to the Bellagio (why there? I don't know) and starting walking along the Strip, stopping at anything that seemed cool.

I have a bajillion photos of that, and there will be a proper Vegas post at some point, maybe, you never know, so I won't go into all that. Point is: everyone in Vegas is a tourist, I can wander and take photos and be all "ooh!" and it doesn't matter, and I am not being a fucking chicken any more. Yay!

Update: Ok, I am being a chicken still. I went down to the pool, got confused by all the chairs and the towels and is this seat taken and fuck it's hot, ok I'm leaving. But! I'm going back in an hour, with my own towel, when it will be a little bit cooler. Then I'm going for another wander down the Strip. The adventuress (TM Jory) returns.


  1. I kind of don't understand why you returned your rental car when you just have to drive back here so you can 1) move in with me and 2) get your jacket.

    YAY for not being *insert some Australian word I didn't understand here* while in Vegas. There's lots to see and do, no?

  2. A "chicken"??? Me with my funny Australian words.

    Or maybe you mean whinging. Not wenching, by the way.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Well for pete's sake... I have now written this comment THREE TIMES and I keep screwing it up somehow. Am tired. Want to say that you are very brave. More brave than I could ever be. I usually have trouble getting out of my hotel room. And it becomes this HUGE UNDERTAKING when I do finally see the hall.

  5. well, on one hand, i'm all: "sweet, she can drive a car. now i don't have to be afraid to give her my car when i have to work on wed. night." on the other hand, i'm all: "sweet christ, get your ass on the plane so i can take care of you!"

    i DO NOT like to think of you out there all by yourself.

    hurry up and get here, already.

  6. Tiffany said:
    on the other hand, i'm all: "sweet christ, get your ass on the plane so i can take care of you!"

    Ha! See, I'm not the only one who goes all "mom" on you.

  7. I know, you guys are awesome.

  8. aw yay for vegas!

    and i would have been so scared driving a car in a different country. props to you, haha :)

  9. Thanks everyone. These comments are helping me a lot with the whole bravey thing. Seriously.


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