Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Make My Dreams Come True Award (Tie): Sarah from

A looong time ago, I basically wished to Jesus Santa hobbits that Amalah would give me cosmetics advice, and Whoorl would take me to her hairdresser and they would turn my hair into something beautiful.

(And tangent? I was really annoyed, because I couldn't figure out how to write this without spoiling the Amalah surprise, and then she went and left a comment on my blog, ruining the surprise, so ... guess what? I got to chat to Amalah! That post - in excruciating detail, I have no doubt - is to come.)

Later, Whoorl and Moosh In Indy held a competition, which I entered, and had no doubt I was totally going to win.

Which is why, on the last night of BlogHer, I was totally stalking the both of them so they could tell me that I won. Sadly, no. (Also sad? I never did speak to Moosh In Indy. She might be like the only one on my list that I didn't freak right the fuck out by flinging myself at while squealing.) I did not win the competition. I was very sad, but not really, because I got to talk to Whoorl!

Anyway, somehow - magically, or possibly very rudely - I invited myself or found myself invited to visit Whoorl's stylist with her and we would do a real live Hair Thursday. I know, right?!

The lovely and awesome Sarah has a post up about it over on her site. No need to watch the video. I tend to babble shit and not know where to look when a video camera is pointed at me. (Also, do I never smile?) I believe her take on it was something like, 'We only want to hear your accent! We don't care what you say!' So that was nice.

is the actual version of what happened.

I made the appointment, after Sarah told Tera that some crazy girl was going to invade the salon and expect miracles to be worked. Tera was not actually there when I called, which gave me a teeny problem. "Whatever Sarah says" is not very helpful when they want to know what you're having done. But it was fine, and Sarah and I would meet Tera there.

Backtrack a little - some incredibly smart person left all her hair products at home. She then used her awesome roommate's hair products, which worked quite well. Said awesome roommate then ditched her for Michigan, taking her hair products with her.

Which is how I ended up buying a random curl hold thing from Rite Aid, which nearly gave Sarah and Tera heart attacks when I told them what was in my hair. Also? Out of this whole trip, when I arrived for Hair Thursday my hair has never looked crapper. I like to think it made the Before and After photos that much more dramatic, but really? You kind of want the best hair people in the world to think you're not a total hair idiot. (They did not even think that, seriously, they were freaking lovely. But still.) I got them to produce some more pained looks when I told them I'd coloured my hair myself, but they recovered and we moved on.

Sarah was all like, 'layers and bangs and oh it might look like mine, I hope that's ok.' Uh, fuck yeah. That'd be fricking amazing! And Tera was like, 'this home colour thing is killing me, I need to put some chocolate brown in there.' And I was like, 'I like chocolate!' So we were all agreed.

Tera and I got started (yes, I was working sooo hard, not) and Whoorl took off because it was too scary to watch. No, actually, Wito (freaking adorable!) needed a nap, as did I, but no-one was offering to drive me around in the car while I did it.

So blah blah colour wash cut blow dry and then Sarah shows up just when I'm wailing for like the bajillionth time, "It's so shoooort!" And she was literally, "I think I need to smack you upside the head." That is a direct quote.

She was right, however, and seriously, I was not saying it didn't look amazing. It really does. At its longest length, it's not much shorter than it was. The layers make it feel shorter and, at the same time, look longer because it's not all heavy and one length and whatever. I have the awesome Whoorl sideswept bangs, and I really like the colour.

Tera was truly great. She explained why she was doing things, and how I could keep it looking the way she intended it to look, and not once did she tell me to shut up, it's not that freaking short, and if you want short young lady, I'll show you short. Her contact details are on the Hair Thursday site, so if you live in Costa Mesa or The OC or SoCal, or whatever the fuck this is, you should totally go make an appointment with her right now.

And Sarah. I don't know what I can say. She was amazing and nice and funny and generous, and she made my hair look absolutely brilliant. She totally did not have to do this for me, but I guess the moral of the story is that you should never be afraid to squeal and hug Hair Goddesses in the lobby at BlogHer.


  1. okay seriously, that is awesome. you had one hell of a blogher weekend and your trip is amazing. i'm just slightly jealous :)

  2. Wow! Your hair looks great. Hope the rest of your trip goes well.

  3. That's the best hairy ending ever.

  4. Dude, your hair looks AWESOME! So jealous right now...

  5. Sarah is the best. And your hair looks amazing.


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