Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BH&B: Tuesday 15th. Again.

I'm in San Francisco. How weird is that?

Tiff and I are at FCM's house right now.

We went to Trader Joe's.

We saw Golden Gate Park.

I got freaked out by people driving on the wrong side of the road.

And now we are waiting for pizza. Really freaking awesome pizza - and that is a direct quote from FCM.


  1. Wrong side of the road????

    Excuse me?!!

    No. You guys are on the wrong side of the road!!!!

    I'm joking ; )

    It is strange to see that. I still get confused when I see McLeod's Daughters and see driver in the "wrong" seat.

    When we were in Japan, we took a van to the airport. I forgot where the driver was supposed to be and started thinking. "Oh my God! The Van is driving by itself!" I kind of believed it because Japan is so advanded with technology.

  2. See you in 36 hours! Will you be at the Newbie cocktail party?

  3. yes wrong side of the wrong.

    yes I'll be there and at the People's Party.

  4. All praise to those wonderful people who build, service and fly safe aeroplanes.

    have fun.

  5. sigh, you forgot about the night tour!


  6. So, so very jealous! Have fun and take care of Supertiff. See that she eats right and doesn't get gurpy.

  7. ummmmmpizza. can't wait to see you in sf!

  8. v2: more coming up about the aeroplane in a sec.

    fcm: maybe cos we hadn't taken it yet???

    aimee: ben and jerry's = looking after, right?

    katelin: the pizza was awesome by the way. see you TOMORROW!

  9. Ooh, I'm late, but welcome to SF!

    I'm only there on Saturday, but I'll keep an eye out for you. Of course, I 'll only recognize you if you are wearing that purple/blue top (dress?). Hope you brought it.


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