Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Easter Raffle

My primary school (elementary school) has an Easter Raffle every year. People bring in Easter eggs, and students are sent home with ticket books. For the week or so before Easter, the office overflows with Easter eggs. Usually there are around 60 prizes, although I imagine the number has kept increasing.

I have never won the Easter Raffle. Ok, I might have won Prize Number 54. Once. In the eight years I was there! In grade seven, I decided this was my year. I deserved it. Why I deserved it more than the fifty or so other year sevens, most of whom had also been there since Transition (Reception for you South Australians, I don't know what for everyone else. Kindergarten?), I have no idea. But I did. This was going to be it. They would call my name, I would act all cool - like, I'm too cool for Easter Raffles, they're for grade sixers, - get my prize, and draw someone else's name. Then I'd go and sit on the stage with my prize and gloat. I would no doubt be sitting near Jess O, whose family always always won at least three prizes.

Needless to say, it did not work that way. I sat there for hours. They called name after name, and none were mine. So much for my year.

And so it was with the bajillion or so Pay It Forward contests I entered. Seriously Random Number Generator, what's the go? Do you seriously not like me? Maybe you were distracted that day. Would you like to call for a redraw?

Oh yeah, and the next year, when Skywalker started primary school and I left and started high school? The little shit won. If he starts entering Pay It Forwards and wins, I am so not sending him a postcard from San Francisco.


  1. Hey common, its not like I rigged it...
    And there was one time.. I dont know.... Yr 5... I won 1 prize, and an Auntie whose name I won't mention won 3. You would not belive how many people can to say congratz, because, of course, i had to take them for the afromentioned Auntie.


    PS. What is Pay It Forwards? I wanna try

  2. PS. Nice try, but no.


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