Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Let's Take This Show On The Road Award: Holly (and Freaking MM)

Holly and I have been reading each other for, say, ever. For about as long as I've been blogging.

In that time, she got engaged, and married, and invited me to come visit her. Oh yes, those are the most important things that have happened to her, ever.

She was kind enough to pick me up at the Train Station In The Middle Of The Fucking Desert, and after talking on our phones from like five meters away to establish that we were us, she gave me the hugest hug in the world, which was totally what I needed.

Then she took me to Outback Steakhouse, because Holly = Outback. For reals.

And we had these awesome drinks, which were, again, totally what I needed. (Remember this theme, I'm going to blow your mind when it all comes together later.)

The chick at Outback was very awesome to us, so you should all go there and say hi.

Then we went drunk book shopping, which caused MM to freak out somewhat and threaten to send someone to arrest us. Which, hello? We're still waiting!

We decided to skip a movie and head home to form our RockBand. We freaking rocked the house! I got 101 notes in a row! And I got ninety-something percent! (Where ninety-something probably equals 90.000000001, but WHATEVER. We rock!)

Before Holly would let me play the Wii, she DRAGGED me to Walmart and FORCED me to buy luggage. The strap on my duffle bag had broken on the way from Santa Ana to Palm Springs (and what track did I leave from in LA? 11. Out of 12. Almost the longest I could possibly have to walk with a broken bag) and Holly got all up in Mom Mode and was like, "You need a new bag!" And I was all, "It's fiiiiine." Seriously I was at my totally sookiest for Holly, the poor thing. I refused to pack my Nike shoes because they take up the most room. I gave her kids all the packets of Tim Tams I had left (sorry, Tiff's mum!) and forced all kinds of stationary equipment on her, all, "I AM NOT CARRYING IT ANY FURTHER!" And then I left my favouritest jacket there, by accident, and now she can be all, "YOU DIDN'T WANT TO CARRY IT, AND NOW IT'S MINE, HAHAHA."

But, okay, ready Holly?

Yes, the wheely thing is the bestest invention in the whole world. Yes, my life was incomplete without it. Yes, you are the smartest person in the whole world ever. I bow down to your total awesomeness. IT WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED.

And then The Girl (who was the first one up) was looking at the stats of today's play on the Wii, and was all, "How did you guys play three hours today?" Question is, how did she even get any sleep between midnight and 3am, with us ROCKING THE FUCKING HOUSE?


  1. Got there safe! Good!

    OK, so far, so good.

  2. We are so going on the road. We rock. Without you, though? Not so much. *sigh* But I'm practicing on the drums, so I'll be better next time. Ok, probably not.

    Yessss! I love being right. Wait til I tell MM. :P

    I'm sad and missing you already. And ha ha - you. I'm totally keeping your jacket for myself.

    Well, ok, I'm not, but still, I should.

  3. And this is why the Wii is one of the greatest inventions ever


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