Friday, July 04, 2008

The Fourth

I have this work friend, we'll call her CC, who is the most enthusiastic person I know. Everyone should have a co-worker like her. I don't mean she's happy all the time, although she is a very cheerful person, but she'll dive into whatever with total enthusiasm. If it's something you're thrilled about, she's thrilled too. If you want to have a bitch about someone, she will hate on them with you. This rocks.

It is my birthday in ONE MONTH. My birthday is my favouritest day of the year. Most of the time, I believe I am the most important person in the whole world. But on this one day, not only do I have permission to indulge this belief, but everyone else can believe it too! It's a great feeling.

Due to a bizarre time-space continuum thing whereby I leave San Francisco on the 2nd of August, fly twenty hours, and arrive home two days later, I get back from the BlogHer and Beyond Trip of 2008 on my birthday.

This might seem sucky, but I get back in the morning, so most of my birthday will be here. A whole bunch of people will be checking my ID on that day, giving even more people the opportunity to realise that I am a princess on that day. And I will be crazy tired and jet-lagged, which means I will be fricking hilarious.

Plus, thanks to the enthusiasm of CC when she was presented with a half-arsed maybe ideee, I am having a party that night. ON MY BIRTHDAY.


Anyway, I need to get this all organised before I leave (in TEN DAYS!) so I need your help. Girly pajama party it is. I need girly movies to watch and yummy cocktails to make and drink. Go!

(And if you're really helpful, I will totally send an invite your way.)

And also, have a great long weekend everyone in the USA. These fireworks are from the 4th of July, 2005. You can really tell, can't you?


  1. Those are really weird looking fireworks....looks like some kind of glow-in-the-dark virus under a microscope!

    Happy EARLY birthday!! I hope you get tons of attention and love on your special day.

  2. Happy early birthday! As far as I'm concerned, there is only one movie that is suited for a girlie pajama party: Girls Just Want to Have Fun. The movie that was watched at EVERY SINGLE SLEEPOVER of my childhood.

    Besides the movie being totally dated, how fun is it to watch young Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and Shannon Doherty? Priceless. Also: check out those outfits.

  3. first time stopping by. Fabulous blog. :)

  4. Hey just try not to crash the pary with your jetlaggedness (is that a word) how about.... uh... nope can't think of any movies you would like.

    I will txt u 4 happy b'day

  5. for movies at your party, I'd heartily recommend Risky Business (from the early 80's; shocking); it is totally cool and I think you and your friends might like it. As for drinks: how about mojitos; they are fabulous and can be flavored with whatever fruit is in season. We, in Seattle, are partial to blackberry mojitos. Recipes on the web; you'll need white rum, mint leaves, a splash of sugar, sparkling water and lime. Ahhh. Enjoy your birthday!

  6. Sixteen Candles - can't go past that for a girly sleepover! Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, or if you want to be more modern - Clueless and Mean Girls.
    Hey, if it's your birthday soon, that means mine's even sooner! I think I'll take my birthday off and have an extra long weekend, I can watch movies all day and gorge on popcorn and chocolate... *sigh* sounds like a plan! Of course, it'd be a better plan if I were raging it in the States with you... Buy me an airfare as an early birthday present? I'll shout you a cocktail at hoggies as a thank you!

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes and suggestions, everyone. I'll be sending out invites to you all this weekend.

    (Oh, and Carla: plane ticket = cocktail? No wonder we stuck to BAs.)

  8. Are they not worth the same...?


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