Monday, July 28, 2008

The Total Enthusiasm and Friendliness Award: Jennster

Guess what guys, I have a very long list of people I met at BlogHer that I want to post about. You're going to be ignoring reading BlogHer Awards posts for a long time, the way we're going. Awesome, right?!

Thursday night, People's Party. Tiff and I were doing well on our goal of speaking to other bloggers. We could almost be described as ... sociable.

THEN, I saw, across the room, Jennster. Maybe. I don't know. It kind of looks like her, you know? She's blonde. She is blonde, right? She has a camera. I'm almost sure Jennster has a camera. Maybe it's some other blonde chick who looks like a lot of fun. Let's go over here now and talk to someone else.

Up til then, I had either read people's nametags and done my squealy "OMG I love your blog!" bit at them, or Tiff had made the introductions. Jennster was the first one who WASN'T WEARING A NAMETAG (very unhelpful) and that Tiff couldn't help me out with. Fuck. On the one hand, we had a deal. On the other ... I still wasn't sure if it was actually her.

Pink top. Does Jennster have a pink top? Maybe if I scooch over in her direction a little I might be able to see her face a little better. What if I imagine it in a little box on a profile page, does that help? Ok, even I am getting ready to slap myself upside the head.

Jennster and I somehow ended up at the bar at the same time, and I was totally brave and asked if she was indeed Jennster. Yes she was. (THANK GOD.) When I told her who I was, she did the squealy thing, and demanded a hug, and was just generally so excited to chat to me that I was never afraid to speak to anyone ever again. (Pretty much.) (Which is an awesome thing to have happen on the first night. I highly recommend it.)

I remain convinced that she didn't actually know who I was, or thought I was someone else, but THAT'S NOT THE POINT. Jennster was totally cool that night and continued to be so for the rest of the conference. She's just one of those awesome people who seems to know and be liked by everybody.

She gets this award for being completely awesome, enthusiastic, and photographical. The lesson in all of this is GET EXCITED, BITCHES!

1 comment:

  1. dude!!!!!!!!!!! of course i knew who you were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was so excited!!!!!!!!
    but now i'm mad at you for not coming over and not showing me your fabulous fucking hair in vegas!!!!!!!!!! dammit.

    anyway, you are too sweet and nice and THANK YOU for this award. it makes me feel good to be appreciated! :)


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