Monday, June 16, 2008

Going A Little Crazy

I have had no internet for approximately WAY TOO LONG.

Yes, I admit it: I may have something of a problem here. Whatever.

I seriously considered signing up for Twitter last night, when my internet was being super-slow, just so I could give you all updates such as these:

'Slower than dial-up is TOO FREAKING SLOW.'

'I'm trying to read my Bloglines by clicking on posts by writers who are unlikely to have added pictures.'

'If this doesn't email send, I will bitch-slap my internet into next freaking week.'

'Considering the pic-lite policy above, maybe clicking on FRICKING POST SECRET was not a good plan.'

'Laughing (and refraining from punching the screen) when the message "If this screen appears for more than five seconds, you may have to send the information again" appears. Try FIVE HOURS. OR DAYS.'


Wow. Little bit of aggression there. On the plus side: yay for free uni internet. Jeez.

PS: Can you help me out on the Vegas issue? I'll buy you a drink.


  1. Ohhh, just hearing you retell it makes me mad. Sometimes I want to take my computer and chuck it when I'm having problems with the internet.

  2. Don't throw it. I can tell you that won't help. Not that I've done it, but still. I can just tell.

    In Vegas take in a show, even if it's something at your hotel. The Ceasar's Palace show we saw was awesome. Also, the fountain show at the Bellagio. I could have stood there for HOURS.

  3. A slow or vacant internet signal is so frustrating! Hope it gets better for you. Never been to Vegas, so am no help there. But, have a great time, whatever you do there!


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