Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BlogHer Progress Report

Hopefully you're all sitting because here it comes: Only THIRTY-FOUR DAYS til I leave for BlogHer! Whoa man. Here's where we're at:

Flights to San Francisco (via Auckland!): Booked.

Entertainment for the flight: Planned. I am way behind on my planned May/House June/Holmes thesis preparation thing, but if I finish House before I go, Holmes can be studied while on the plane. That should put me to sleep, if nothing else.

BlogHer registration: Booked.

Business cards: Designed. Not yet ordered but I'll get on that.

BlogHer hotel room: Booked.

Company for BlogHer: Planned, but still need a pic.

Getting to know people who'll be at BlogHer: In progress. If you're going to BlogHer and don't appear on my blogroll over there, let me know. I'm trying to get at least a little familiar with everyone's blogs before I get there.

San Francisco plans: coming together.

People to road trip and eat with between San Francisco and Vegas: Done and done.

International licence: Acquired. Intention to actually drive, especially anywhere remotely near LA: Notably absent.

LA plans: coming together. Thank all you guys for your great comments on the last post.

Flights around the country: Booked. In between flights into and out of San Francisco, I get to see Vegas, Charlotte, Huntsville, Detroit and Phoenix airports. Does America not do the whole direct flight thing?

Stressing: Done and finished with. At least for a while.

Funny paper money: Thanks to vsquared, kinda done. Not really though. Closer to the actual date. When I hopefully will have some money.

Phone: Still trying to figure out if/how I can use it while I'm over there. Anyone with any phone expertise, help!

Shoes: Definitely done.

Cute summer outfits: Not done, and not likely to be. It should be illegal to be 12 degrees and raining (icy cold rain) in the middle of the day.

Outfits nevertheless planned out: Getting there. I'm working on my on-the-plane outfit, and will move on to my first-day-of-BlogHer one in a bit. And then there's the party ones! I still think cocktail party dress shopping in SF is a good idea.

Reading a new "I'm going to BlogHer" post at least once a week and getting crazy excited each time: Hell yeah!

Where are you at on BlogHer? Bored? Excited? Scared? Let me know!


  1. Will be getting to that pick soon. Didn't want to send it too early lest people forget.

    God I wish I could go! It will be fantastic! Just have to live through you :(

  2. The whole phone-thing: make sure your phone is unlocked (talk to vodafone chicky), then, while you're over there, purchase a US sim card with your own US cell number! How awesome!

  3. I'm a little nervous about BlogHer because I still haven't booked my flight yet!

  4. I will be there! I am booked and all ready. I'm working on cards as I type this!

  5. Working on cards right now, trying to decide on a design, haven't thought about clothes beyond one dress I want to wear to the thursday night parties, how am I going to decide what shoes to bring?! I'm not on the list over there, yet. Oh! And, no, we apparently don't believe in direct flights, I have no idea why. (I took a friend to the airport once, she left from St. Louis, MO, went down to Texas, and then up to Canada, her actual destination. That's just ridiculous.)

  6. i'm getting pretty excited for blogher too! i'm going for work, but i still can't wait to meet all the bloggers i actually read. :)

  7. Anonymous9:41 am

    Sounds like you are all fired up to have a great experience in San Francisco! Hope all goes well for you. Have fun!

  8. Kelley: As if we would forget about you!

    Carla: Actually it's Virgin now, but good advice nevertheless.

    LPC: Book it! Everyone has to make it there!

    Jamie: I can't wait to see the cards you come up with.

    Bri: Ooh what dress are you wearing? That might help me decide. You are now on the list (you might have to click on See All). And hey, at least I get to see a bit more of the country while I'm there.

    Katelin: I'm glad you're excited as well!

    Aimee: Aw don't be jealous. We'll be bringing BlogHer to Michigan don't forget!

    Coastrat: Thanks heaps, I certainly plan to!

  9. i definitely want to go sundress shopping while we're in sanfran: but! i'm nervous about maybe not finding anything i love, so i'm going to bring backup.

    can we chat tonight? i've thought of some new things that might make our trip better.

  10. The good thing about The People's Party is that you can stumble in from settling into your room or straight from the plane, no fussing necessary.

    I'll be wearing jeans and a random t-shirt, I'm sure.

    One less thing for you to have to worry about then! Can't wait to meet you there!

  11. i just realized that i didn't save your phone number.
    if you email it, or text me, i'll call you tomorrow.

  12. Cards? We're supposed to have cards?!? I am sooo unprepared.

    You do know you're probably not going to be needing summer outfits in SF in July, right? Brrrr. Maybe not as cold as where you are, but it can be pretty chilly with the fog.

  13. Kimberley: See you soon!

    Tiff: Will have outfits planned, but they can be ditched if we find something better. Hopefully we can find time to chat over the weekend.

    Megan: Yay! Thanks heaps. I am crazy excited for The People's Party.

    Lunasea: Yes, definitely need cards. I've had a bajillion people tell me this. I just ordered mine. What?! No summer? The only reason I'm going is for the summer!


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