Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Possessed and Possessioned

I think I'm possessed. By someone who buys a lot of shoes. Possibly Kelley.

At least they are all different. We've got flats, heels, and boots, so it's not like they won't all get worn.

All I need now is clothes to go with them!


  1. SQUEEEEEE! I am loving those heels! They are gorgeous. And the boots are drool worthy too.

    I am a bit meh about flats, but Moo thinks that they are super cute.

  2. THANK GOD. I don't know what I would've done if you and Moo didn't approve. Seriously.

  3. OMG! Not only did you get bitten by the shoe bug, but you got one with good taste!

    I'm totally digging those heels..and the boots. Hmm, I might need to do some shopping...

  4. oh those are so cute. i love the flats, so so cute.

  5. Maybe I can borrow some it seems my dogs have cute shoe radar and chew only the good ones. So I've got some stinky tennis shoes at that is it.

  6. Thanks guys.

    Aimee: Sure, they're a size 7. Come by and get them anytime!


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