Saturday, May 03, 2008

House and Holmes

First, an assessment update:
The four mini-essays I got averaged out to a high credit.
My annotated bibliography was a credit.
Yesterday I had my thesis proposal presentation, which went ok. They liked the topic and I think I handled the questions ok, but it'll probably only be a credit as well.

This is not cool. I don't want to be a credit student. I'm supposed to get distinctions. I don't even want a high distinction, I'm not greedy.

Anyway: House and Holmes.

That is going to be title of my thesis. How awesome is that?

I was going to do something on young adult blah blah dont care but this is going to be way better. I'm basically going to find out where House (the character) came from, whether directly from Holmes, or as a reactionary creation against feminist, psychological, or forensic characters, or whether it's a logical progression from Holmes/Dupin-hardboiled-psych-forensic-whatever.

Sound awesome? I know!

The bad side? I have to watch bajillions of House episodes. It's gonna be so. tough.


  1. Interesting. I had to write a paper in college about the Matrix and the role of women in that movie. It was actually one of the most difficult things I had to do because I wasn't really sure the role women played...actually I'm still not sure!

  2. Only you could've devised a thesis involving copious amounts of TV-watching... particularly of your favourite show! I will be requesting a copy of said thesis when it's finished... just dedicate the thesis to me for providing many of the episodes used in the study.


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