Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm There

Sick of listening to me talk about BlogHer? I finished an essay today. Wanna hear about that? Didn't think so.

Two things.

First of all, the lovely Kelley, like a whole lot of Australian bloggers, won't be at BlogHer this year. Or will she? She has bribed convinced a whole lot of awesome bloggers to take her with them. I like pretty buttons, so I have volunteered as well.

Pretty, no? I'm thinking I should extend this offer to any other bloggers who won't be able to get to San Francisco, but will be drinking there in spirit (and in my bag).

And secondly, I'm thinking there will be quite a few non-Aussie bloggers not going, partially because the Reach Out Tour will cover a bunch of cities that are closer to them than San Francisco is. Now, probably one or two of these bloggers will be awesome ones that I read every day and would scream like a little girl if I ever even saw.

My question is ... can I invite myself to wherever they live? Can I maybe invite myself to drinks or lunch or something with them? Is this totally stalkerish, or is this an opportunity I should seize while I am in the States?


  1. If I make it to one of the cities I will hide you in my bag and get you very intoxicated, k? It will be fun, fun, fun!

  2. i would definitely go to australia and meet some bloggers :)

    but i'm hoping to meet plenty at blogher.

  3. carpe diem, girlfriend.
    i can't wait to see you.

  4. to aimee, katelin, tiffany: woohoo!
    love, missy.

  5. I'll be at blogHer! I'm volunteering so hopefully, we will get to say hi!

    Thanks for the comment (and delurking on my blog) today. It's always nice to see a new face on the blogosphere!

  6. HEY! Don't you go putting no other bloggers on your glass woman! Just me and only me... *snigger*

    And take a couple of extras and see if you can convince others and DOOCE!! to drink with me! That would be so awesome!

    Smootches babe, I love that you are taking me with you.

  7. jamie: can't wait to meet everyone at blogher.

    kelley: you might get lonely drinking by yourself. no, you just want all the drinks for you. greedy! what do i win if i get you a photo of you and dooce?

  8. i am so fucking confused. LOL are you coming? you ARE right? i am there too!

  9. haha sorry about that jennster.

    yes i am for sure coming to blogher.

    kelley is not but me and a few others will be carrying a picture of her around with us.

    plus i want to stalk people in their own towns who don't come.

    can't wait to meet everyone!

  10. So excited to meet you at BlogHer! It is going to be QUITE a party!

  11. Loralee: See you there!

    Holly: Does that mean I can come visit? You're in California right? (See the post about my huge knowledge of US geography.)

  12. Yes and Yes. I'm in the Palm Springs area - think movie star vacation place.

  13. holly: i'm doing LA for sure, and google maps says that's not crazy far away. i will have to get back to you as plans become clearer.


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