Friday, May 16, 2008

Let The Rain Fall Down

When I was young, we were down here on holidays one year, and we went to lunch at the house of one of my cousins. I remember Lou taught me how to make flowers out of napkins.

At one point there was a huge thundering sound that wasn't thunder. There is nothing exactly like hail on a tin shed roof. We could hear it coming towards us and then all of a sudden, it was hailing!

Coming from Darwin "Fine and Humid" NT, this was my first experience of hail. It was incredibly exciting. To honour the occasion, I made a hail man. Like a snowman, y'know? He was about 10cms tall.

What? I was a kid. Although here is our weather forecast for today ...

... and I have to say, if it does start hailing tonight, I can't promise that tomorrow won't bring a post entitled "Haily II."

In the meantime, I will be curled up in my bed reading (what else is a rainy day for?) either White Noise (for uni) or Promise Me (because Chris reminded me that Harlen Coben is pretty awesome). You can guess which one will be read first.


  1. I love rainy days. And, I'm not sure why but I think hail is super cool.

  2. Rain always makes me sleepy. Hail, however, is very exciting. Except when it ruins all of my plants. Boo!


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