Thursday, May 15, 2008

Countdown to BlogHer: 60 Days

So, yesterday I was looking at the website for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (because how awesome would that be? The MGM in Vegas) and I had to click on a drop-down menu to select a month.

And you know what? July is right near the top of the list. We're halfway through May, not at the beginning, and I leave for San Francisco in the middle of July, not the end, as I've somehow convinced myself.

In fact, in just two months I will extremely bored as I fly for a bajillion hours to BlogHer. (Where I will not be bored. Drunk maybe.)

However, I am incredibly old and wise now, thanks to my 2005 trip to America (and then England and France). On that occasion, everything was exciting! And I couldn't sleep in case I missed something! This is an experience! That should be experienced! And yet ... no. Sleep is good. Sleep is so your friend.

Sleep means you will be awake when you get to San Francisco and it is early afternoon and yet it was just night but I left in the morning and ooh vodka.


  1. I totally did not sleep at blogher 07 at all. Sleep is good. Keeps the crazy away!

  2. I, too, am jazzed about BlogHer. And vodka ;)

    (BTW, we stayed at NYNY in Vegas and while it was fine, we went next door to the MGM Grand and were extremely jealous. Pick Door #2)

  3. that is so cool you're making the trek to blogher all the way from australia. i'm getting pretty excited to go too.

  4. could i BE more excited?

    (read that in a chandler bing voice)

  5. That is so cool you are coming in from Australia! I hope I make it (and you are entirely too cool for writing that little item for me!).

    Vegas: I've stayed at many hotels over the years. I probably dig The Venetian the best as far as rooms go.

  6. Aimee: Wish you were coming to not sleep at BlogHer08!

    Stephanie: Thanks for the Vegas advice. I'll shout you a drink in SF.

    Katelin: It's just an excuse to drink with you all - I mean learn things. ;)

    Tiff: We'll find out in 57 days!

    Imaginary Binky: Thanks for Vegas tip. You better make it so I can buy you a drink as well.


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