Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have two important numbers for you today.


This is my five hundredth post. That is a lot of posts.

I recently deleted all my tags because they were annoying me and I was supposed to be writing an essay and so needed something to do instead. Then I re-tagged everything because I was still supposed to be writing an essay. This came a really good time and I got a great look back at everything I'd written.

I almost deleted some, but they were all ones where I'd posted a video clip, or one line about a new template. I would write some of them differently if I wrote them again, but I didn't change them. I am happy with the voice I have now, but first and foremost this blog is a memory, and the voice I had then is a memory as well.


I got my first Honours High Distinction today. (It may well be my last so savour the moment.)

This was an excellent presentation which met all of the criteria. You delivered a sophisticated, confident and yet concise presentation which clearly explained your project.

Your project has an admirable depth and complexity for an Honours project, and you demonstrate a real mastery of the material. You made excellent use of question time, which served to illuminate your project even further.

Yes, I have a real mastery of watching House. It's a talent.


  1. A HD and you've hardly started!!!!!!

    well done. do it again.

  2. Happy 500th! I don't even want to look at how many I've rambled on about. Argh! :-)

    I'm SO jealous you're going to BlogHer, by the way. I'm in San Fran like 2 weeks after that, so just missed out. Give everyone big hugs for me!

    And lastly, House is awesome.

  3. Yay BlogHer!

    Also, happy 500!! :)

  4. Ha! I love "I was supposed to be writing an essay and so needed something to do."

  5. Happy 500th! I'll never make that number, being inherently lazy :)

    Watching House is a talent of which I am very proud. In fact, I think it's the only one I have ;)

    Thanks for visiting me. If I Knew you were coming, I would have provided alcohol...


  6. congrats! FYI I too enjoy messing around with my blog when I have pressing things that I don't want to do. It's always a good procrastination technique!

  7. yay for 500 posts, that's definitely impressive! :)

  8. Hurrah for procrastination! Although you're clearly lacking some procrastinating power if you've actually managed to get to 500 posts...

    And an Honors HD! Here's to many more Honors HDs *clink*


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