Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dude, find another topic

Ok, new rule: I can't have two BlogHer posts in a row.

Since there's guaranteed to be one every weekend, this means that you at least get one normal post every single week! And if I can't go from one weekend to the next without mentioning San Francisco, you get two! Woohoo, right?

This week, it seems I can't, because I have a) no self control, b) nothing else interesting to talk/think about, and c) a craving to win a contest.

Dude, everyone in the whole world is currently running a contest on their blogs. I'm thinking I should join in, but that's not this post. Be patient.

This post is to tell about an awesome prize being given away (to me, hopefully) by Psychicgeek. Go check it out. How much fun could I have with that if I won? My question to you: if you had a free flight to anywhere in the world, where would you go? (Let's assume you've already been to visit me.)


  1. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Whee! I've discovered a new blog! Thanks for entering:)

  2. if i got a flight anywhere i would head to italy, i have always always wanted to go.


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