Friday, May 23, 2008

Pizza Party

My grandma and my aunty are coming over for dinner tonight. They haven’t seen me or the house since I moved in. This wasn’t on purpose on my part. I always intended to invite them to dinner, but then uni happened and work happened, and I didn’t. Until now.

They don’t think I can cook. When I asked what they wanted to eat, they said, “Oh, well, you’ll want to cook something simple.” When I suggested home-made pizza, they said, “You’ve been practicing pizza, have you?”

Actually, no and no. For me, one person, yes I want to cook something simple. I’m a slacker like that. For three people, I don’t mind putting in a little more effort. And I never cook pizza for myself. I figured it would be a crowd pleaser, and yeah, ok, hard to mess up. Add in some garlic bread and salad for not much more effort and call it a meal.

My room is tidied, the kitchen table is clear of bottle caps and cards, and the pizza and garlic bread are ready to go into the oven.

The salad is at the shops, where I forgot it. Who says I can’t orchestrate a whole dinner party?

I had to write that earlier, in Word, because my internet took an afternoon nap. Now it's 9:47pm and my guests have just left. They left me a mere two slices of pizza and a small piece of cheesecake for breakfast. I think we can call that a success.


  1. I suck at homemade pizza.

    Enjoy your breakfast!

  2. oh homemade pizza sounds amazing!


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