Sunday, June 15, 2008

What I Want To Do Weekends, Part 5: Las Vegas


After having no internet for the whole entire weekend, except for ten minutes last night, during which I managed to post about my shoes and jewellery (lucky I didn't have anything important to say), I now have my internet back, at a ridiculously slow pace. We're talking slower than dial-up. Hopefully, it won't die completely before I click post.

I have important emails to reply to and 160 unread posts in my Bloglines list. If I don't answer or comment, it's because I tried to but got timed out or decided ten minutes was too long to wait to tell you that your post was hilarious.

HOWEVER. I owe you a What I Want To Do Weekends post, so here it is.

Things I Want To Do In Vegas:

Go to Vegas.

That's it.

I'm sorry. I suck at this. I just seriously have no idea what you do in Vegas. There are lots of hotels and casinos there, but what am I actually supposed to do? You can't gamble all day. You could sip cocktails by the pool all day. That does sound fun actually. But what else is there to do there? Please, pretty please help me out.

I may even be able to read your reply sometime before I get there.


Today is the 15th of June. Guess when I leave? THE 15TH OF JULY. A month to go. Wow.


  1. This one is easy! Go to the Bellagio and watch the fountains. They have a show several times a day, maybe on the hour, I can't remember. You can rent a scooter and drive up the strip, gawking at all the people and the crazy casinos. The Stratosphere has a rollercoaster in the very top of the hotel. New York, New York also has rides in it, I think. There are tons of shows, but wandering around the crazy elaborate casinos is pretty entertaining. You can take a gondola ride (inside), you can look at designer clothing (most of the fancier hotels have designer malls in them). Oh! And the lobby of the Bellagio is amazing! The ceiling is covered in the work of a blown glass artist, Chihuly. Watch out for the cabs, the drivers are crazy, and if I remember anything else, I'll let you know.

  2. You really should see a show. There are some amazing Cirque shows available (try "O"), but you might want to go with something more traditional Vegas (like a showgirl topless show).

    Just walking the strip and visiting each casino is worth a whole day. There's so much to see in each of them. There are attractions in each, too. Like the shark exhibits in the MGM and the stuff mentioned above.

    You should check out the light show on Freemont Street, too. Super nifty.

    The thing is, Vegas is pretty cool to visit once or twice, but after that there isn't much to do but gamble. Although..there are tons of clubs to visit... :P

  3. i definitely recommend walking around and checking out some of the hotels, they're a spectacle in themselves most of the time.

    and right the new york, new york roller coaster. and definitely lay by the pool with a drink, it's just so vegas :)

  4. Okay, if you've never been to Vegas I would definitely plan to walk the entire length of the strip. You can check out the elaborate casinos, watch the Bellagio fountain show, and stop into various casinos along the way to cool off.

    There is a big shopping area inside Caesar's Palace, Planet Hollywood, Mandalay Bay, etc. Those are always kind of fun to wander through.

    There is a beautiful garden area in the Bellagio lobby, they change the plant displays regularly.

    People watching is definitely needed, people do the dumbest things in the world when they come to Vegas. I guess it's the whole "What Happens Here..." philosophy.

    There is always the option of going to Fremont Street too, where you can check out the remnants of Old School Vegas, the places where you can actually still get cheap shrimp cocktails and such. (Golden Nugget)

    And yeah, take some time to hit the pools. It will be really freakin' hot in mid-July, usually around 115.


  5. Bellagio's dancing fountains. Treasure Island's pirate show. The volcano. See a comedy show (they're super cheap there --- you can even get dinner!) Go see the lions at MGM they seriously come right up to the glass and look right at you. Get married (What?! It's what I did!) M&M world was cool, I think the free 3D movie is for kids but the hubs and I loved it, too! I heard that the light show in old town is cool, but didn't get to see it when we were there the first time. We're going back next year.

    Also, keep your hands in your pockets, unless of course you want business cards for every prostitute in town forced into them. Seriously, it's crazy. Be prepared to see moms with little kids standing next to them and babies in carriers on their front and backsides standing in the 100 plus degree heat all day handing out business cards for prostitutes.

    Oh, and wear comfy shoes, drink lots of water (it's dry you won't even realize how hot you are because you don't sweat like normal), and if you wear sandals be warned: the streets are DIRTY! Gross!

    Have fun!!!


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