Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Times it sucks that the internet is the person you tell things to

I have ordered my business cards for BlogHer. They are pretty, at least I think so. I would love to show them to you, but since you are getting one, that would completely ruin the surprise aspect of it.

I have also ordered a bunch of awesome Australia presents for you, but again. PRESENTS. SURPRISE. CAN'T SHARE.

It sucks.

Also, I just wrote a post basically recapping the Vegas comments, but hello? You don't want to read them. YOU JUST WROTE THEM. And I thank you for that. Best suggestions: hire a scooter, get a hooker, get married.

I'm currently working on the Vegas hotel issue, because Holly basically just said "Dude, you're insane. Here, I've done all the work for you, now PICK ONE."

Another instance of the internet-tell-suck phenomenon? When you just used a totally good line in an email, and now can't repeat it here because THEY'LL KNOW. You didn't just make this blog post up. You wrote a couple of emails and copy/pasted them all together and called it a post.

Anyway - and this is a direct quote - "i've got it down to TI and the stratosphere, through a complicated and technical process known as 'hey, that looks cool!' i dont know. flip a coin?" So which should I pick? Rock scissors paper? Vegas experts, I need you again!


  1. Ti is at a perfect location on the strip, and it's a decent place. i wouldn't even consider stratosphere because it's way the eff at the end of the strip. trust me, you WILL NOT walk all the way from end to end. it is way huger than you can imagine.
    but, at TI? you can walk to most of the main places from there: venetion, harrah's, caesar's, bellagio, pairs, mgm, and you'll be close to the monorail thing that can take you all sorts of places.
    plus, TI is right across the street from this little strip of lower-tier casinos...they're just these little hole-in-the-wall places that don't have hotels, but they're SO FREAKING FUN. my fave is o'sheas.

  2. You know, Tiffany makes an excellent point about the Stratosphere being ALL THE WAY down the strip. You might want to do TI after all. And rent a scooter. Srsly.

  3. I've been here for a couple of minutes trying to figure out TI. Duh. Yes, yes, Treasure Island over stratosphere, for sure. The strip is forever long and walking in Nevada in summer will sap every bit of moisture right out of your body, the person who suggested water was not even kidding. The only time I was carded in Vegas was when I tried to buy a bottle of water in a casino bar. Oh, and don't do what I did and drink a giant margarita and then try walking in the heat. Whew! I would visit the stratosphere but TI will be more fun to stay in, I think. Oh, and cheap (ok, free) souvenirs! All the casinos have matchbooks that are useful as a crafty way to document your stay.

  4. I haven't made any yet. I can't decide what I want them to look like yet! If you show me yours I'm sure I'd get some awesome ideas...

  5. Thanks guys. Just when I'd decided on the Stratosphere. God you're helpful. But no, I trust you.

    im: Business cards - think my header but less so and betterer. Now I'm the helpful one, no?

  6. All I'm saying is, if I were in Vegas I'd be going to strip club. Which has nothing to do with anything.

  7. You just outed me, too.

    I keep wanting to cut and paste excellent emails (and sometimes comments!) directly into my blog.

    I also wish there was a running voice recorder so I could get down the frreakin' hilarious stuff my kids say!

    Here from Moosh.

  8. Just popping in to let you know I don't care where you stay cos you are going to BlogHer and I am not.

    So there.


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