Monday, June 23, 2008


(Ok, I'm going to mention BlogHer once, right now, and then we'll have a totally SF-free post. Deal? Deal.)

I think the reason I was a bit sooky at the end of last week was due to BlogHer. Specifically, all the time and effort I've laid out. And what do I have to show for it? Nothing. A bunch of confirmation emails. I'm just glad the exciting 'Yay BlogHer!' posts elsewhere have kept things more in perspective.

I have been keeping up with the cycling thing. My reward chart now looks like this

which means I'm halfway there. I've discovered that music is essential, that I need a countdown to focus on, and that I get way more excitement out of putting up a new sticker than I should.

I've started reading books again! I used to go through at least two books a week when I was at home, but since uni and tv in my room and cable and dvds on demand from Carla, I just haven't. Plus, my ginormous book collection is home, so don't judge what I'm reading. Down here, I basically have a collection of Books I've Read On The Plane To/From Home. Anyway, books I've read in the last week and a half:

Remember when I was so excited about last days? Well I actually had another one, two weeks ago almost. It wasn't very exciting, because I still had an essay to write, plus this stupid thesis that I'm fairly certain will never be written. (Not totally true.) But yay! I finished first semester of Honours!

I have one more essay to do. And I have procrastinated the hell out of it. Seriously. That pile of books up there? Essay procrastination. My clean bedroom? Essay procrastination. I read and highlighted the readings for Christ's sake. Major procrastination. But it's due Friday, so I'm thinking 1000 words today, tomorrow and Wednesday, and then it'll be done. (See what I mean about needing a number to focus on?)

Oh yeah. One more thing. The topic of the essay. Remember when I was all "Now I never have to hear the word 'postmodern' ever again"? Well. The subject of the essay? Postmodernism. The subject of the whole freaking topic? Postmodernism. The world is just mean sometimes.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing first semester of Honours!


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