Monday, November 05, 2007

This is a very serious occasion

I just had my last class ever.

It was full of somber and educational smart-making things. Namely ...

... we watched a movie.

And now that all my classes are over, I would just like to say that I never want to hear the word 'postmodern' ever again. It is highly overused in universities these days, and I recommend its immediate dismissal from everybody's vocabularies.


  1. Hope you are going to celebrate! I remember the bliss walking out of my last class, and then having panic attacks for the next few months on Sunday night thinking I had something due the next day!

  2. i got my degree in language, literature, and writing...i did a semester in the post-graduate literature program...and, between you and i?
    i'm still not sure that i understand exactly what 'postmodern' means.
    my best guess?
    it's a good word to use when describing fucked up things: unconventional prose, visual arts, and whatnot.

    but, toss it around to anyone even slightly less educated than you?
    and you shall sound very smart.
    or, very much like an asshole.

  3. cheers, well done, wonderful, let's drink up.

    Ajob well done!

    Just one thing. It is not your last ever class! What the next will be - no idea.

    But I guarantee - it is not your last ever class!

  4. carlabalala9:12 pm

    Heh, I completely missed this post... whoops!

    CONGRATS ON THE LAST. CLASS. EVER! Of course, I also said that, and I'm currently thinking of going back. I yet may fulfill my threat of never setting foot in a place of learning again (made after my last exam)... Look around theatres, the library (which you neglected to take me to on my visit btw - very disappointed) the comp labs, and be thankful that you won't be seeing it for a l-o-n-g time!


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