Saturday, November 10, 2007

Australia's Got Talent

Last Friday we had Panda Awards-slash-Auction-slash-Open Mic Night. Last night we had some Med Students Coffee House acoustic session thing.

At Panda Awards, Andrew dedicated this song to Shelle's friend Melissa. There was complete and utter silence as they played/sang (and in the Dining Hall, during dinner time, that is saying a lot) and it was absolutely beautiful. Me, Shelle, and Jollan were all in tears by the end of it.

They didn't say anything last night before they played it (which was good because then I didn't have to get all emotional again), but I will always think of this as Melissa and Shelle's song.

The song is Augie March's "There Is No Such Place."

Also? I can play Seven Nation Army. On the guitar. An instrument which I cannot play. But now I can! Whoo!

Seriously. Look at this. During practice, she was being so casual about it, sitting down, standing up, without missing a (perfect) note. Talented bitch.

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