Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Dad

Today is my dad's birthday.

He likes motorbikes, his kids, and making things out of wood. Maybe not in that order.

This year, like last, he is in Darwin and I am not. He will have to wait til he gets here for a birthday hug. Poor dad.

But! He is a lucky guy. Cos he has an incredibly thoughtful daughter who would wake up early just to give a birthday phone call. He must love her so much right now.

She loves him a lot.


  1. carlabalala6:58 pm


  2. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Thank you, darling daughter. I did enjoy your phone call this morning, and the bithday card.
    the card arrived a day early, and the phone call an hour early, but it's all good.

    And thank you Carlabalala, And thanks and congratulations for your part in the birthday gift delivered by the nation! OK, hey?!
    Love to you both, Emma's dad.

  3. carlabalala12:09 am

    Em's Dad,

    You are very welcome. I worked extremely hard on your present, just ask your lovely daughter! It has been a fantastic present for us all! I am no longer a keen cynic of the australian voting public, and look forward to the next three years! And hurrah! I don't have to move to England!

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

  4. Skywalker10:54 pm

    He doesn't like you that much... you woke him up before 7.


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