Friday, November 16, 2007

Livin' On A Prayer*

*Cos we're halfway there? Get it? ANYway.

How bout some randomness? Awesome.

- HaMad says 'hell' a lot. "It's hell hot." "We should hell go to the beach today." "This was a hell good idea."

- Jollan does not believe that you can smell rain. (You so can.)

- Shelle thinks you can taste sleep.

- Carla is wishing she remembered what sleep was.

- I have a huge bruise on my thigh from standing up when there was a pool table in the way.

- This is not a good look when paired with my new bikini.

- I have to work tomorrow. From nine to five. Who does that? (Apart from, yknow, like, everybody?)

- But then I get to go out.

- This is only good because I bought two new dresses today.

- I bought new shoes too.

- However, I wore them for five minutes in my room and my feet were caning.

- But that's ok cos I wasn't drinking during those five minutes. Tomorrow night will be a whole nother story.

- Clearly I am too tired to construct actual paragraphs.

- This is because I am very exhaustified from my day which consisted of the following:
1. wake up in time for breakfast.
2. edit Shelle's essay (cos I am awesome like that).
3. go shopping.
4. get massages.
5. go to the beach.
6. read the seventy bajillion posts you all wrote while I was away from my computer for ONE DAY OH MY GOD.

- Therefore, ergo, hence, and so, I am going to bed. I hope you all had a lovely day and awesome weather and lots of pretty shoes and dresses. Feel free to comment with your Best And Worst for the week.

1 comment:

  1. carlabalala3:56 pm

    Best of the week? Watching the Libs contastantly come up second best everytime they tried to trash Labor. Heh heh.

    Worst of the week? Lack of sleep. As mentioned in the post. All will be rectified in 7 days, 3 hours and 3 minutes, when for better or worse, I shall have my life back!


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