Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Boy Oh Boy

Thiru said...
What is your general opinion about men? Do you think they have some common bad or good qualities?Who are the "few good men" you would be thankful to in your life? Have you had any awful experiences with any men?

So it's taken me a while to get around to posting the answer. Mainly because I didn't have one. But I'll do my best.

The most important man in my life is my dad. Daddy's Little Girl is supposed to have him wrapped around her little finger, but in reality, I do almost everything he asks of me. I was an only child for eight years and me and my dad had a pretty great time together in those eight years. And the rest of the years after that of course, but I have really fun memories of bike rides and swimming and 'helping' with woodwork projects.

The other 'man' in my life is my brother. In some ways he is such a mini-me. (Physically, not so much. He's almost as tall as me now. ;-) ) Some expressions and attitudes he has are all me. Sometimes I wish I could teach him a bit about life or something, but we don't really have that. He wouldn't even let me teach him to drive! What the hell?!

I don't have that many guy friends. But since maybe Year 12, working at ASS, and living here at the Hall, I'm working on it.

I haven't had any experiences I would class as 'awful.' I haven't had that many experiences full stop so that is maybe not saying much.

In general, I do not understand guys. I do not understand what they want (and yes, Shopping Boy, I am looking at you). I think they're fun to hang out with, but sometimes it's too much effort to decipher what they're actually saying.

I would like to point out that Shelle and I stayed up talking til 4am and then got up and went shopping and through the car wash (and I really wish I'd had my camera - that would've been an excellent post) and therefore I am very tired, which is why this post is what it is.

So yeah. Tell me about guys.


  1. Thanks for honouring my questions, first. Very good post. Even, I am trying to understand girls, I fail miserably in deciphering them. The only girl who understands me and I understand her is my best friend. And then, every one of us are unique. So, we can generalize - can we? :-) Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hey girl! You say you are a 22 year old student - how can you go ono public record that you still like your dad.
    That is not cool! - even if you reckon he is!

    And he must be old - probably more than 45 if you're 22.

    And if he reads your blog, he's going to think he's just too damned good.

    It's not too late to edit the post. Do it before any one else sees it.


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