Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Life is uncertain

When we go to dinner, we check the menu board and look at dessert first. Basically, I live for the Hall's chocolate pudding or apple crumble. (Or APPLE CRUMBLE! as some of us like to call it.)

Today on the late tea order sheet it said 'choc pud.' Yay! Tonight on the menu board it said 'choc pudding baked in custard.' The hell?

Tonight was the first time ever I have not finished my chocolate pudding. (Usually I go back for seconds. Shh, don't tell anybody.) I sincerely hope this tragic event will never recur.

Do not mess with custard when you're making my dessert.

Hmm. Two posts in one day. I may regret not saving this for later. Probably on like the 30th of November.


  1. carlabalala7:25 pm

    dude seriously? my pic of the choc pud was SO much better! that doesn't look like choc pud... in fact, it kinda turns me off choc pud.

    i said KINDA

  2. yours looked like it was edible. unrealistic for the purposes of this post.

  3. Some of us even eat the dessert before our main meal don't they (Kim)!!


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