Friday, November 23, 2007

Bye All (and other random thoughts)

Today is the day before Moving Out Saturday. This means the whole Hall is moving out some time in the next two days. Bye! I'll miss drinking with you!

24-Hour Noise Curfew finishes at 9am tomorrow. Later! Won't miss you at all!

I just read approximately 50 bajillion Thanksgiving posts. I've never had pumpkin pie.

They cooked us a Christmas Dinner on Wednesday. I think crackling should be crackly not chewy. I don't like Christmas Pudding unless it has money in it.

Apparently there was nothing hot at last night's dinner. At all. Which I think is taking the Christmas Day / Boxing Day metaphor a bit too far.

I didn't mind because I had Subway. The amount of Subway we (at the Hall) eat is ridiculous. And! I heard today that they are thinking of putting one in at Flinders! But the other ones don't want us to stop going to them.

I say apparently because I was at work. Where I will be all weekend. This is because everyone else who works there will be off at Schoolies in Victor. (Schoolies is where all the little kids who just finished high school go off and get drunk for a week/end.)

This means that everywhere we wanted to go and drink in the past week has been filled with little kids. How you can tell? They haven't learned to take off their shoes until they're at the front of the line.

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